Conference Policies

Peer Review Process

All abstracts are subject to double blind review proces. Abstracts are assessed on the following criteria:

Relevance of research question

Originality of contribution

Clarity of argument


Archive Access Policy

The presentations that make up the current and archived conferences on this site have been made open access and are freely available for viewing, for the benefit of authors and interested readers.


Instructions on Full Papers Format


All submitted papers will be available on the website by 7/7 2012. We recommend that you use the following format for your full paper:

Name the document as follows: #paper ID-author1_author2-title.docx (example: #159-Nyborg_Roepke- Constructing users in the smart grid - insights from the Danish eFlex project)

Format: Save the document in pdf format

Word count: Max: 10.000 words

Font: Calibri (body text size 11, header size 14 bold, author size 11 bold)

Spacing: 1,15

Margin: standard normal: top/bottom 3cm, left/right 2cm

Paragraph: spacing before/after 6pt, align text to both left and right margins

Page numbers: None

Reference style: follow the style of the journal of Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions


Please include the paper ID in the subject field of the e-mail. (example: Submission #159)



We have opened for the opportunity of a limited amount of posters to be displayed at the conference. These will be appointed by first come, first served.

We will provide an overview of posters in the conference program so please write five lines on the theme of the poster you intend to bring and submit this to us at

You should bring a printed version of the poster to the conference.


Full Papers

Full papers have been handed in. The papers have been dirtributed to the track they belong to and collected in a document. There is one document of papers per track.

Please note that it has been optional to submit a full paper, why there is not a full paper available for all submitted abstracts. All abstracts are available in the book of abstracts.

Find out which papers belong to which track in the program for IST2012.

Updated versions of the full paper pdf's will be available at August 22.

A sessions - full papers

B sessions - full papers

C sessions - full papers

D sessions - full papers

E sessions - full papers

F sessions - full papers

G sessions - full papers

H sessions - full papers

I sessions - full papers


Conference Dinner

The conference dinner will take place at Restaurant Madklubben. The chefs will create Nordic gastronomy at the venue that is in the heart of Tivoli, an amusement park in the center of Copenhagen.

If you signed up for the conference dinner you will receive an entrance ticket with the folder you receive when you enroll. It is your own responsibility to keep this ticket safe, since this is your ticket to enter the amusement park where the restaurent is placed .

Buses will leave DTU at 17.15 from the parking lot outside entrance A and B of building 101 and take you to the center of Copenhagen at Tivoli. You will have time to enjoy the park untill 19.00 where the conference dinner will start. You can find restaurent Madklubben by following this link to a map of Tivoli.


Transport from Copenhagen to conference venue at DTU, Lyngby

From Nørreport you can take bus 150S or 173E to the stop called DTU/Rævehøjvej, from where you can walk to the conference facilities.

From Copenhagen Central Station and Nørreport you can take s-trains B and E to Lyngby station. S-train B has the direction of Holte station and S-train E the direction of Hillerød station.

From Lyngby station you can take following buses and get off at the stop called DTU:

Bus 190 in the direction of Holte station

Bus 300S in the direction of Nærum station

Bus 353 in the direction of Helsingør station (Elsinore st.)

Bus 591P in the direction of Lyngby station

Bus 590E in the direction of Lyngby station

Copenhagen is divided in zones, which define the price of the journey. From Copenhagen Central Station to DTU there is 5 zones. Ticket cards with 10 trips can be purchased in any kiosk in Copenhagen.

You can read more about transportation in Copenhagen by following this link and plan your travel by using the travel planner.

For more information about how to get to DTU please follow this link.

IST 2012 - DTU Lyngby, Denmark 29-31 August 2012 -